Saturday, January 03, 2009

Person of the Year

I don't do this sort of thing as a rule, but Ezra Levant's defence of freedom of expression and his clarity in defining the relationship between the state and the individual defined him as a great classical Liberal.

Here he explains why he doesn't answer to the state. If you haven't already, watch his whole extraordinary interrogation.

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Anonymous said...

That man should be one of the people I should try to emulate as a New Year resolution this year.

I share many of his beliefs, but basically, I'm just not nearly as bolshy and articulate as he is (especially in person). And I'm jealous.

I DID once try to sign up for an assertiveness class but I was late and couldn't walk through the door because I was afraid of everyone looking at me (I'm one of those irritating people who just have to insert a feeble joke into every post...sorry!).

Anyway, you go, Ezra!