Thursday, January 08, 2009

Israel and Hamas

Lisa Goldman writes from an anti-war Israeli perspective.

Daniel Finkelstein explains why Ruth wasn't supposed to have a notebook.

Snoopy translates a piece that argues a ceasefire now would simply be a promise that the killing of Jews would start again tomorrow.

News report that Israel has accepted an outline ceasefire proposal from France and Egypt.

In Iran there were attacks against Egyptian assets and demonstrators called for the murder of Mubarek - as they did in Indonesia.

JuliaM on anti-Semitic attacks in the UK. She suspects the Jehovah's Witnesses may be behind them.


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Anonymous said...

The Jewish state is the only democracy the Middle East. What have Arabs done in their lands? Their cruel tribal culture has produced no Democratic regimes. They govern themselves with cruelty and barbarity.

Muslim leaders need Israel. By channeling the hate of their Medieval populations at the Jewish people, they escape scrutiny of their own ineptitude and corruption.

Israel must defend its people. Anti-semitism the world over would rather see the Arabs overrun their borders yet they stand strong. The valiant Israeli people deserve the blessing and gratitude of Western civilizations. Islam is a dark political force, something like Nazi Germany of old. It desires to conquer or kill anyone who fails to recognize its rigid, backward tenets. Fight Israel! Fight on!

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding when you make the statement that Jehovah's Witnesses are responsible for any violence, political unrest, influece, or anything even remotely suggesting that or anything remotely related to that.

"Everybody knows" that Jehovah's Witnesses have been beheaded, shot, starved, frozen to death, etc. to keep from being involved in ANYBODY's politics or political agendas.

The Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC has a whole section on their absolute neutrality and the terrible price they willingly pay to not harm anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The world has it's problems. Jehovah's Witnesses have their problems.

They are absolutely Neutral, like the Swiss pretend to be, but really are, and "everybody" knows that.


Peter Risdon said...

Tom, you're right: I was kidding. See Julia's post.