Monday, January 05, 2009

Anti-Semitism in Europe

The relationship between the Danish-Palestinians and the Danish Jews are now so strained that the principal at Humlehaven school in Vollsmose (Odense), Olav Nielse, will be very careful about signing up Jewish students. 30% of the students at the school have a Palestinian background.

Olav Nielsen doesn't have students of Jewish background just now, but if he were to be approached by Jewish parents he would ask the family to think it through whether they want their child to start in the school. He says that Humlehaven school is a public school and that therefore everybody is welcome, but at the same time he will advise the parents to find another school for their children.

He fears that a Jewish student will have serious problems among the many Arab children.
Oh, and it turns out that:
the principal in question is listed as a supporter of the Danish Boycott Israel campaign.
Well, I feel like boycotting anti-Semitic bigots.

I was spared the 1930s but sometimes I have asked myself what I would have done had I been alive during that time of casual dinner-party anti-Semitism and rising attacks against Jews and Jewish property.

I guess now I can find out.



Anonymous said...

The Danish school that would have preferred little Niels Bohr to fuck off: that would make a fine school motto.

Anonymous said...

The report in the 'Times' this morning was worrying....

Anonymous said...

Anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe. In the United States, my Jewish friends know, understand, and take serious their right to own firearms. Just 60 years ago, forces of hate tried to wipe the Jewish people from the face of the Earth. Jews know in Israel and should be reminded over the rest of the globe that anti-semitism is real. Jews must learn to defend themselves. Gun ownership should be encouraged and nurtured.

Some of my dearest friends are Jewish. We enjoy training with firearms together. We talk of our duty and responsibility to defend our families. Self reliance unto death!