Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quiz time

Consider these two people:


Both consider themselves to be Aboriginal Australians. One is preoccupied by difference, explaining that:

While Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have an affinity with Native Americans through similarities in our world views and our experiences of colonised peoples, there are also some strong relationships with African Americans.
While the other asserts that:
The idea that people put forward, I think they forgot a very important thing, that Aboriginals are human beings, they are part of the human race, and they are driven by similar things like every other race in the world is driven by.
Which, would you guess, is which?



Anonymous said...

When we lived in Queensland there was an Abo shit-stirrer who somehow got revealed to have no drop of Abo blood - he was part white, part negro and 100% fraudulent. Mind you, when we lived in NZ, a Maori ditto was revealed to be entirely Irish.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't a cousin of Ward Churchill, was he?