Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Comment of the day

Via Laban, this:

Dear Mr Brown

Are your debts becoming harder to pay?
Is your over inflated Housing Market in Crisis?
Have your Banks been squandering money at a level that could bring your economy down, but the revenue was good, so you didn?t want to meddle?
Are you up a creek without a paddle?

If so, then:

Consolidate you debts into one easy to pay loan from the IMF?

With IMF loans your can delay the inevitable even further and maybe have enough spare for that holiday you promised yourself.
Normally only available to 3rd World Countries, the IMF is now making available Billions to help world leaders secure re election. Just complete the attached application form and you can turn the ?Spend Now, Pay Later? philosophy of the past 10 years into a ?Spend Now, Borrow Later, Borrow Again, Pay Much Later? Manifesto for your upcoming campaigns.

PS - Choose your free gift from below:
1. All expenses paid ?World Leader Pack?, simply attend a gathering of World Leaders, have your photo taken, read the sound bites and take back to your voters credibility as a Global Influencer. (Please note: No decision making commitments necessary, this activity is a mutually beneficial showpiece to help heads of state retain power)
2. Parker Pen Writing Set

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