Monday, November 24, 2008

Concealed carry

There's a petition at the Number Ten website, asking for the law to be changed to allow citizens to carry concealed handguns in the UK:

The problem with banning weapons is that criminals don't obey laws, so when guns were banned criminals ignored the law and kept their weapons, and decent law abiding people were left defenceless, as is the case now. This is simply because guns, in the right hands, are a serious deterrent against acts of violence. An example of this is the US state of Vermont, which has virtually no laws against gun ownership, and a crime rate which is a fraction of that in Britain. The simple fact is that by disarming honest citizens, Britain has actually helped criminals, who now go about their business without fear.
It's been signed by at least one elected representative, Councillor Gavin Webb. It has also, apparently, been signed by "tonyblair". And now it has been signed by me.


Anonymous said...

Sad, but perhaps wise. Once the state breaks its side of the contract to protect life, limb and property, we'll have to do it ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the police are so keen to trumpet the virtues of the 'non-lethal and humane' Taser, perhaps we should all be allowed them...?

Anonymous said...

A brave, well-armed and determined population that is unwilling to accept harm from criminal scum might just decide not to accept any from POLITICAL scum. That is always the reason for gun control

Anonymous said...


I was looking at getting a Taser today - but at $329 - I think I will be getting a stun gun instead - only £30 and they work!

To make sure you don't get caught with it - always wear a suit when you carry it!

Unknown said...

I would gladly sign, but I doubt it would carry any weight.