Friday, November 07, 2008

Election reactions


As a self-interested columnist, I would hope Obama reassumes his natural hard-left position of his 1996-2005 period that would provide both plentiful column topics and prove counterproductive to his I fear scary agenda. But as an American, I surely hope he doesn’t, and so wish him personally well, and success as a possible centrist commander-in-chief that advances American interests.

Right Wing Prof:
I am an American conservative because I believe fervently in American Exceptionalism, and in the principles upon which this nation was founded. Whether or not an election goes my way does not change that. We held an election yesterday, and the voters spoke.

Barack Obama is my President.

And finally, Iowahawk:
I don't care whether you are a conservative or a liberal -- when you saw this inspiring young African-American rise to our nation's highest office I hope you felt the same sense of patriotic pride that I experienced, no matter how hard you were hyperventilating with deep existential dread.

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Anonymous said...

"the principles upon which this nation was founded": what, 'if I commit treason, I can grab power, steal the Indians' land and be more confident of keeping my slaves'? It takes all sorts.