Friday, February 29, 2008

The Nasty Party

The Conservative Party has been labelled "The Nasty Party" and "The Stupid Party". Both are, to some extent, true. Here's a quote about the Tories, from Winston Churchill:

A party of great vested interests, banded together in a formidable confederation, corruption at home, aggression to cover it up abroad...sentiment by the bucketful, patriotism by the imperial pint, the open hand at the public exchequer, the open door at the public house, dear food for the millions, cheap labour for the millionaire.
I pasted that in from a website run by a former Labour Party spin doctor. The website's name? Hate My Tory. I can't find an equivalent run by a Tory and aimed at Labour. Odd, eh?

And here's Richard Seymour, who thinks it's right to adopt the pseudonym of a mass murderer and slave master, Lenin, when he blogs. On the death of William Buckley he writes:
He's dead. Good.
When Margaret Thatcher dies, we will have some vivid evidence of which side of the political divide most richly deserves the epithet "Nasty".


Anonymous said...

In defence of Mr Mill, he called the Tories "The Stupid Party" before the Labour party had been invented.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Richard Seymour vs William Buckley... Hmm...

Nah. No way.