Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last resorts

Well, I guess the last resort of the time-strapped blogger is to post some music videos. Here's a British Muslim playing a beautiful song, Beeswing:

And here he is playing The Turning of the Tide:

I play the guitar, and normally seeing a guitarist play makes me go home and pick up the old instrument. I saw Richard Thompson during the tour the last clip comes from, and I went home and reverently draped a dust sheet over the thing, feeling there was no point even trying to play his songs.

My favourite line from the first song is "Maybe that's just the price you pay for the chains you refuse". Reading the reactions of some supposedly liberal bloggers and commentators to the Archbishop of Canterbury's latest speech has made me realise that some of us will have to pay a price for refusing chains, and it won't include them. I won't link. But I will pay that price.

UPDATE: Damnit, I will link.

UPDATE 2: I hadn't seen Dillow's earlier post on the subject of the Archbishop. Having now seen it, I withdraw the suggestion he's a part of this problem.

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Laban said...

Did you know Richard Thompson had a sort of a blog ?