Saturday, February 02, 2008

Statistic of the day

333,000 Australian troops were sent overseas during the First World War. There were 226,000 casualties.


Anonymous said...

Australians like to tell you that they took proportionately more casualties than everyone else but it isn't true. Among the allies, it was the Serbs. Within the British Empire it was the Scots. (See Nial Ferguson's book on WWI.) Australian understanding of their own history is lamentably poor in my experience.

Peter Risdon said...

The source is American, but more on it later.

Anonymous said...

If you click through, it says "In memoriam of thoses, anzacs, turks, frenchs who lost their lives in Gallipoli." See who's missing?

Anonymous said...

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Gallipoli casualties
(compiled from various sources[attribution needed])
Died Wounded Total
Total Allies 44,072 97,037 141,113

UK 21,255 52,230 73,489France (est) 10,000 17,000 27,000Australia 7,594 20,000 27,594NZ 2,701 4,546 7,247India 1,358 3,421 4,779
Newfoundland 49 93 142

Ottoman Emp. 55,801 95,000 140,001
I've swapped the last two columns for the Ottoman figures because they were obviously the wrong way round in the table.

Peter Risdon said...

This source wasn't Australian, Dearieme. It was American, and from WWII.