Monday, February 25, 2008

Pit bull attacks baby

I have a bully dog, Sam, who had three days to live when I first heard about him. At that time his name was Warrior and he was a very lost little dog, who could still break the skin on your arm if he got excited.

A Scottish Ghillie said to me: "There are no dogs, just owners". He was right.

Sam's best friend was a very frail kitten, who would play with him and he would be deeply gentle in return. She was run over, a year or so ago. Sam saw her body, and was depressed for weeks. He lay despondently on his bed, uninterested even in pigs ears. Then one day my ex-girlfriend, in the kitchen, picked up the cat's collar, which had a bell on it, and there was a quiet tinkle sound. Sam sprang up, ran to the kitchen, then ran out to the place he had last seen Maddie's body.

Then he walked, sadly, inside and lay down. Maddie was not there.

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