Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Women in black

A black light, that is, according to his reverence, President Ahmamadbastard of Iran. Human Rights First reports:

With parliamentary elections around the corner in Iran, the free press and the right to freedom of expression are increasingly under fire.

Last week, the authorities shut down Zanan, the country's premier women's magazine. President Ahmadinejad said that Zanan showed Iranian women in a "black light" and was a threat to the psychological well being of Iranian society. Zanan had long argued that the legal discrimination suffered by women in Iran is not mandated by Islamic law and that therefore it can and should be changed.

Join us in demanding that Iran:

* Cancel the order to close the magazine and reinstate its press license.
* Ensure the safety of the staff of Zanan.
* Urge all branches of the government to respect the right to freedom of expression and the importance of a free and independent press.
Click the link to join the protest.

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