Saturday, February 02, 2008

Assisted suicide

The front page of the Guardian website contains the following link:

Suicide bombers. Here's how the linked article starts:

This was not a suicide bombing. Two mentally disabled women were murdered. The Guardian's deceitful wording on their front page is an example of the insidious sanitisation of Izlamist evil so characteristic of that newspaper.


marvin said...

Well spotted.

I've noticed something else in the Guardian which this article prompted me to blog here

Anonymous said...

At least they are consistent - they approved of the IRA too.

cabalamat said...

You're being paranoid and ridiculous -- if the Guardian was really into "the insidious sanitisation of Izlamist evil", they would have simply not printed the story.

marvin said...

Possibly cabalmat. But, surely by coincidence, the countries other 'anti-war' left-wing broadsheet made exactly the same 'mistake'.

Odd, don't you think?

Here's two articles

"At least 72 people were killed in Baghdad yesterday when two female suicide bombers, each wearing long black cloaks to conceal explosives strapped to their bodies, blew themselves up at two bird markets."


"Iraq is less violent than a year ago, but the country is still the most dangerous in the world. So it was no surprise to anyone in Baghdad, where people have long dreaded a renewal of al-Qa'ida's savage bombing campaign directed at Shia civilians, that there should be suicide attacks on two bird markets, killing 92 people on Friday."

Both articles describe female suicide bombers. Neither mention they were not suicide, but remote controlled human bombs.

But I guess that doesn't really matter if your intention is to bash Bush.

marvin said...

Sorry here's some useable links

Anonymous said...

This story might not even be true.