Monday, July 09, 2007

Slavery update

Although John Prescott has made show of his pride in the achievements of William Wilberforce, his government has presided over the reintroduction of slavery to Britain. Here's where we now find ourselves:

Every child entering the UK should have their biometrics taken in an attempt to stop the trafficking of children for sex, domestic slavery, street crime and drug smuggling.

The plan to track children after they enter the UK comes in a Home Office-sponsored study, which admits that human trafficking is now a “real and significant threat” to the country.

Children were being forced to work in cannabis factories, beg on the streets, turned into domestic “slaves” and drawn into the sex trade and benefit fraud, the report says. “The exercise has shown that child trafficking is a nationwide concern as it affects almost all parts of the United Kingdom.”


Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism, innit?

Peter Risdon said...

Yes, exactly.