Sunday, July 08, 2007

Delete and link

Chris Dillow can be exasperating. While able to write genuinely trivial* nonsense like this:

... capitalism arose from state-sanctioned theft and brutality rather than from voluntary transactions
He also produces some of the best writing on the internet, or indeed anywhere else. See the posts here and here.

Underlying this dichotomy is the broader dichotomy of conventional political polarisation. Everyone suffers from the problem that the thoughts stagger along under the weight of existing ideas. Of course we all "stand on the shoulders of giants", but insight is generally reserved for the occasions when we are prepared to use a slingshot.

* To suggest the origins of capitalism can be attributed to such uncomplicated origins is trivial. This places it in the category of "not even wrong".

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Anonymous said...

Dillow does keep up a remarkably high standard for a chap with such a high output. But I have still to learn what it was, in his view, that Marx said that was both new and true.