Sunday, July 08, 2007

A climate of insanity

Apparently, the Centre for Alternative Energy in Wales has produced a report, named "zerocarbonbritain", that explains how we can become a carbon-neutral country:

... it would mean no flying, an annual carbon allowance for all and a diet almost without meat or milk...
This report:
comes with an endorsement for its "imagination" and "sense of urgency" from Sir John Houghton, former head of the Meteorological Office and of the scientific working group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
I've mentioned before the role played by the British Met Office in climate alarmism. They issue press releases when it's warm, and pick fluff out of their navels when it's cool. It is systematic, and amounts to deception by omission. But this is one of the most extreme prescriptions for change that anyone with links to them has so far put their name to.

Does the Centre for Alternative Energy have any other agendas? One way to find out would be to take a course there. It would be no hardship. The facilities seem superb. Onsite accomodation is available, and you won't go hungry:
Meals are served in our wholefood vegetarian restaurant.

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