Monday, July 09, 2007

Climate Change kills bats

For the past five years bats have been breathing a little more freely, spared from the gimlet eyed Auberon Waugh and his trusty tennis racquet, Hauteclere. But no longer. A new threat looms: Climate Change.

For I read that

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) PhD student Sandrine Martinez
has been studying bat numbers in Northern Queensland. And she is concerned:
“These bats are insectivores and their decline could be due to a reduction in their food sources in response to climate change – that’s something I’ll be investigating further.
She has been studying bat remains from:
the late Pleistocene Epoch (beginning two million years ago and ending approximately 10,000 years ago).
Pray God her invocation of modern Climate Change in the study of bat remains from no more recently than 10,000 years ago will not have an adverse effect on her grant application.

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