Sunday, July 08, 2007


Sheep rush from one side of the field to the other, if just one of them starts running. That's probably a good idea for prey animals. It's depressing in humans. This is just re-running the American Katrina complaints about the reaction of the Federal government.


Anonymous said...

Where's the connection to Katrina here? I think you're trivialising one of the most shameful episodes of Bush's tenure.

Peter Risdon said...

It certainly was shameful: the cynical exploitation of the suffering caused by a natural disaster for narrow, partisan political advantage. The US is a federal country and under the National Response Plan: "natural disaster response and planning is first and foremost a local government responsibility. When local government exhausts its resources, it then requests specific additional resources from the county level. The request process proceeds similarly from the county to the state to the federal government as additional resource needs are identified."

To blame the sluggish local response on Bush is disgraceful.

The similarity between this episode and the response to the recent flooding in Hull is an inability to comprehend that natural catastrophes happen and are not manifestations of political incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I think you know nothing about Katrina and what happened afterwards. The effects of the hurricaine were massively compounded by the actions of the authorities, especially FEMA.

You should educate yourself by watching "Refuge of last resort" which is an eye witness account.

"Sluggish local response" indeed. Go ahead, defend George Bush if you like, trivialise the death and suffering. I wouldn't mind so much if you didn't take John Lilburne's title when doing it - it's an insult to his memory.