Sunday, March 18, 2007

Global warming roundup

The Reference Frame reports on an interview(mp3) given by Martin Durkin, director of Channel 4's Great Global Warming Swindle, and speculates about Professor Wunsch's position:

If I had to guess, I would guess that Prof Carl Wunsch is being blackmailed by the environmentalist advocacy groups right now. There is a lot of vague talk by Wunsch et al. about the impression one gives etc.

Jesus Christ, the main question is not about impressions - at least outside the anti-greenhouse religion, it is not about impressions. The main question is whether the set of hypotheses referred to as "man-made global warming" are right or wrong, whether the underlying facts are right or wrong
Also some interesting links and argument about the scientific method and a historical perspective:
Imagine that back in the 16th century they thought that weather events were supernatural and caused by special humans - witches - that had to be eradicated.
Tim Blair draws attention to Alaska's ice problem:
A frozen harbor is nothing new around Homer. In fact, Homer Harbormaster Steve Dean said it’s actually fairly normal. The difference this year, however, is how late the ice is sticking around ...
As Alaskans continue to endure frigid weather and blustery wind, March is headed to being one of the coldest on record, weather experts say.

If the cold hangs on, this year could beat 1956 as Anchorage’s coldest.
And makes fun of a group of global warming protestors and their struggles against icy conditions and snow drifts during their protest march.

City Unslicker reports on the BBC's sudden candour about scientific reservations:
Two leading UK climate researchers say some of their peers are "overplaying" the global warming message and risk confusing the public about the threat.


Sean said...

Interesting article. It is obvious that the jury is still not out on this. The site details this very well. I love your point on the Alaskan winter!

merjoem32 said...

It certainly is interesting. I am willing to support an advocacy campaign that is in support of global warming but I think that the issue has been muddied. Politics has taken our attention off the real issue. The issue is not whether global warming is real or not. Conserving our planet is more important than debating about the genuineness of global warming. We need action not debates.