Thursday, March 15, 2007

little green blinkers

This illustrates what's wrong with Little Green Footballs posts, as opposed to comments (which can be disgusting but are deniable):

A school in Connecticut is having its students dress in burqas, the symbols of radical Islam’s brutal suppression of women, so that they can understand discrimination.
It’s hard to imagine a more inverted moral lesson. They’re so focused on teaching these kids “tolerance,” they don’t even see the blatant misogyny of the burqa.
They then quote a news item that includes the following:
“Hey, we rape your women!” one upperclassman said as he passed Caitlin in the hallway. “I hope all of your people die,” another sniped.

“You’re probably going to kill us all” and “Why do they let people like this in the country?” were other remarks she heard on Feb. 1.
It's fair to say that lgf is so focused on the (undoubted) misogyny of the burqa, they don't even see that the reported abuse the wearer received was horrific.

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Azarmehr said...

Its was very encouraging to find your blog Peter. Its nice to know that not everyone in the West is fast sleep and takes his freedoms for grunted.