Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Whose problems?

Tim Blair finds this doozy:

If you’re already getting burglarized, do you really want to add to your problems by confronting a desperate criminal with your own loaded weapon?
I'd have thought this would add to the burglar's problems.

And the answer is "yes".


Anonymous said...

My understanding of the higher brain functions of desperate criminals is that the desperation dissipates rapidly after the bullet enters the skull. And we've got experimental results to confirm that.

Jackart said...

And of course if you call the police and inform them that you're going to shoot the burglar, they'll be there quicker than if you said that the burglar was going to shoot you...

Anonymous said...

jackart, mfp,

Don't be silly: we have been told what to do in this situation.

We are supposed to jump up and down.