Saturday, March 31, 2007


It brightens my day to read something like this:

LEFT-WING MSP Tommy Sheridan is to host a night of subversive stand-up comedy in the Capital.

The Solidarity leader will compere a show next Thursday at the Liquid Room on Victoria Street, featuring comedian Mark Steel...
Subversive? You're a fixture on the BBC, Mark. You're mainstream, have been for decades.

I hate to break this to you, but Radio 4 almost requires membership of the SWP before they'll commission a comedian. Linda Smith, Jeremy Harding - the pillocks on the Now Show who seem to think it's edgy to make jokes about George Bush being stupid. People called "Marcus" who think of themselves as fighters for the proletariat... it's become as British as vicars cycling through the rain to find a pub where they can drink warm beer.

They've become the comedy equivalent of The Archers - something reassuringly familiar and comfortable, but best turned off as soon as the theme tune begins.

It is funny, though. I'll give you that. Thinking it's subversive...

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