Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Egypt steps into the light

One step forward, but a vital one:

Today is a fantastic day in Egypt's history. The Parliament has finally removed any word that stated that Egypt is a socialist country from the constitution. We are, for all intents and pruposes, a capitalist country now. So, why am I not happy?

Maybe it's because I know that those are hollow words replacing even hollower words to begin with. A country is not a capitalist country just by calling itself capitalist, the same way a country is not a socialist country by calling itself socialist. What matters is the way they conduct themselves, the way they run the government. And in a country where education, healthcare, and food are subsidized, and where we hire people we don't need and can't by law fire them, is not a capitalist country, no matter what you call it.
We know the feeling. But it's still an advance.

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