Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Oh dear. UKIP aren't quite there yet if this is to be believed:

Mr Biggs was told by Ukip's South Dorset Constituency Association that he could not be a full candidate in view of his registered disability.

Association chairman Vicki Sharp offered instead to allow him to stand as a "paper candidate", a phrase used to refer to a token candidate who is not expected to win.
I hung out for a while, a few years ago, on the unofficial UKIP forum trying to get an idea whether they might be a credible party. The strange mix of radical greens and Tories was not what I expected. Nor was the relaxed attitude to a rancid old Mosleyite, an anti-Semitic cartoonist of Third-Reichian proportions.

I decided they weren't.

UPDATE: Mr Biggs seems to be a bit of a twat:
Jack Biggs's email to Ukip



I have been special Forces. I am a very good friend but a very bad enemy. If you stay on track, ignoring me, but trying to unseat my UKIP minded daughter I will take the story for the Echo, ref you do not want disabled candidates for UKIP. This is not a threat but a promise.

This anti disability bit by UKIP will also probably go National in the press.
It did.

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