Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kill the witch!

Nah·det Masr summarises reaction to Kareem's jail sentence in the comments section of Al Aribiya News:

95% of the comments support the sentence, some are even saying that this is not harsh enough, and one or two are proposing that he should be killed for blasphemy!!!
In the comments to this post, Masr responds to someone by saying:
I feel better with Mubarak on top, I fear that any switch will either be bloddy or dark. I hope the transition will be smooth and to a like-minded ruler. I don't mind him being a dictator, I prefer to have the small freedoms we have right now, to the medievel rule of islamists who would be supported by the illiterate masses.
That chimes with my earlier comment:
Mubarek is one of the most pro-Western Middle Eastern leaders, and suffers some domestic problems as a result. Even the law prohibiting insulting the head of State needs to be seen in the context of his islamic problem - Egypt is the origin of the Muslim Brotherhood.
What a situation to be in.

Those of us who feel a strong affection for the Arab world need to redouble our efforts to support our friends out there right now. It's a difficult time.

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