Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drawing a line

This is a good idea:

About 30,000 Afghans rallied at what was once a Taliban execution center in Kabul on Friday to press President Hamid Karzai to approve a blanket amnesty for 25 years of war crimes.

Karzai on Thursday said he needed legal advice before making any decision over the bill, which has already been approved by both houses of parliament. His foreign minister has said it can't be done, due to international agreements to punish those responsible for such crimes.
Most of the [entirely peaceful] rally's participants were supporters of the Mujahideen groups that fought the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan until 1992, but then fell into a bitter and bloody power struggle after victory.

More than a million people died during the Soviet backed rule and Western funded opposition, and tens of thousands more died during the civil war that followed.
Human rights groups have demanded war crimes trials as the only way to bring peace and reconciliation, but Mujahideen groups say the amnesty bill is aimed at uniting Afghans after 30 years of war
Let's get this straight. Mujahideen groups who fought each other in a terrible civil war came together peacefully to ask for an amnesty that would allow them all to put the past behind them and move on, and their biggest obstacles are "international agreements" and "human rights groups".

I'm with the Mujahideen on this one.

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