Saturday, February 24, 2007


Given the fondness in the Muslim world for conspiracy theories, I'm surprised the idea that the Iraqi invasion was a plot by Bushitler to provoke a regional Sunni/Shia war hasn't gained more currency. But the real Sandmonkey has been tracking developments:

My fellow egyptians, you will so be psychologicaly prepped for a war with Iran by the end of this year, it's not even funny.
Sandmonkey ain't no conspiracy theorist. There is a real risk of this, as Saudi Arabia grows increasingly concerned about Iran's nuclear ambitions, and considers sending its own troops into Iraq, where they would inevitably come into conflict with Iranian proxies.

It's a worrying thought, but an interesting one at the same time. A Saudi-led invasion of Iran wouldn't arouse the same sorts of emotions as an American-led invasion. It might just be that the freedom of the Iranian people will be a development of the Iraqi invasion that was entirely unforeseen four or five years ago.

Or was it?

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