Saturday, February 24, 2007


Some people might think this isn't really Art, but just some pinko twat with an I/V drip of my tax money making a one dimensional political statement:

Performance artist Mark McGowan kicked off his bid to crawl for 72 hours across Manhattan dressed as the president, offering the opportunity to kick his backside.

The controversial artist from London began his odyssey from New York's Lincoln Centre wearing a rubber
George Bush mask, a business suit, knee pads, work gloves and a sign stuck to his cushioned posterior reading simply: "Kick My Ass".
But they would be wrong:
... he insisted his work was no publicity stunt but art: "It's definitely an art form. A lot of the things I do are a bit silly but they always have a political edge to them."
After all those decades of undergraduate agonising, at last we have a viable definition of "Art" - a silly thing with a political edge.

McGowan said he does not have any particular political stance on the Republican president, who has seen his approval ratings plunge in the face of an unpopular war in

McGowan made his name in Britain with a series of controversial acts including a performance called "Dead Soldier" where he dressed up in army fatigues and lay in the streets for a week.
No particular political stance. Just anti-Iraq and, er... anti-Iraq.

McGowan's lack of self-awareness has worked well in this instance, though. He doesn't seem to realise that he is giving people the chance to kick the ass of... some pinko twat with an I/V drip of my tax money making a one dimensional political statement.

Pass the hobnails, Vera.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

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