Friday, February 12, 2010

Global warming debates

Monbiot and Plimer interviewed. An evasive Plimer simply refuses to answer a basic question. Not at all impressive:

In Australia later today, Tim Lambert and Christopher Monckton will be debating the same subject.


dearieme said...

I'm baffled. If it's the first question that you're referring to (I watched no further), it's accepted by all sides, I believe, that the reported "Global Mean Temperature" peaked in 1998. Hell, Trenberth (sp?) was banging on about how embarrassing it was for his side in the leaked CRU e-mails.

Of course, it's not widely agreed what merit the "reported Global Mean Temperature" has: the doctoring of the "observations" used in its computation seems to be often loony and, perhaps, fraudulent. Perhaps time will tell.

Peter Risdon said...

Just so, DM. It's also trivially simple to show how the past decade could be the warmest on record and also showing a cooling trend. The point is, Plimer evades these questions.

Clunking Fist said...

I love the way he waves his book around.


MonBiot has wobbled on his belief after climategate, surely Plimer could have thrown the CRU behaviour in his face, got it across to the viewers?