Friday, February 26, 2010

Broadband issues

Screenwriting software nowadays includes some very nice structures for collaboration online. So, there I was this morning, collaborating away in a scheduled work session with someone involved in a project I'm working on, when everything stopped functioning. I opened a web browser and saw a message from British Telecom.

My most recent BT broadband bill was issued on the 11th Feb, about two weeks ago. The screen I was looking at told me the service was suspended to show me a warning that the bill was about to go red. There was a link for me to click to acknowledge this, after which the broadband would be restored.

Great. Scheduled work session screwed.

I called BT and asked if this is a new system. Yes, it is. The woman explained that if customers didn't respond to the email they were sent, saying the bill is about to go red, then this online suspension/warning happens automatically.

I had received no email. What address was it sent to? The btconnect one they issued me years ago. In those years, I have called them at least ten times to explain I don't want their lousy email address and I have my own domain. Each time, they sent mail to my domain for a while, then reverted to the btconnect address. I don't even know what the address is any more.

So. My service switches to a new broadband supplier in ten days. And the voice line goes with it.


JuliaM said...

Ah, if only we could do the same with government 'services'...

'Sorry, HMRC, you've screwed up for the last time. I'm submitting my next tax return to the DVLA instead.'

Trooper Thompson said...

Be prepared for a long series of 'please come back' letters.

DerekP said...

'please come back' letters?

Maybe they'll send an email.