Friday, April 13, 2007

Windmills in the sand

While we're building some lovely windmills, advanced nanotechnology reports:

Russia is planning to build 300 to 600 GW of new nuclear power over the next 30 years and wants to have 20% of the global nuclear power plant construction market.

China has plans for about 100 nuclear plants and 100GW of power by about 2027 and 300GW by 2050

India has plans for 30GW by 2027
Hopefully, some of their future wealth will trickle down to us.


Unknown said...

Here, the green activists and limousine liberals (like the Kennedys) oppose the development of windmills (much less nuclear power plants).

Peter Risdon said...

I wish they did here - there are so few wild and high places here, and they're getting industrialised with olympic swimming pool sized slabs of concrete and their Martian turbines at a hell of a rate. In semi-developed areas, they look great, I have to say. It's like sculpture (and about as functional). But it's not so great in the National Parks.

Care to swap environmentalists?

Unknown said...

I've got a better idea. We'll just let you have ours, and you can keep yours too.

Peter Risdon said...

How about, we tell them all the world is going to be destroyed (which they'll buy without blinking), and the first escape rocket has been built. They can all go as the vanguard of humanity... heading for a new planet to colonise, and we'll follow just as soon as we can. Promise.

(Apologies to Douglas Adams, who foresaw this)