Thursday, April 26, 2007

IT projects, 2005:

This isn't a campaign about the principle of ID cards or civil liberties but a campaign about what we believe to be serious flaws in the bill over the estimated cost, scope, benefits and technology. If ID cards are to be introduced we believe the project is potentially heading for disaster unless these issues are addressed now.

Some might find it surprising for an IT-focused publication to take a stand like this but we believe that at risk are not only billions of pounds of taxpayers' money but also the reputation of the UK IT industry.
Channel 4, 2007:
Not only can we see what they wrote in their applications; their addresses; their phone numbers; who their referees are. We can also see if there were white, heterosexual, gay Asian, Christian, Jewish or Hindu, and we can also see if they have got police records and what the crime was.
Garbage in, garbage out applies to the commissioning of IT projects, as well as to their operations.

When is the next General Election?

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