Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A contemptible Tory

I agree with Mr Eugenides:

... it's rather shoddy of Coleman to gossip about it in a national magazine, and particularly in such graceless language
He was referring to this:
A senior gay Conservative claimed yesterday that Sir Edward Heath propositioned men for sex in the 1950s.

Brian Coleman, chairman of the London Assembly, claimed that the former Prime Minister curbed his behaviour after he was warned that it would harm his career.

Asked to substantiate his claims, Mr Coleman told The Times: “I have this on very good authority. There were many stories about Ted Heath. I did not know him well myself, but have been told this by people who did.

“It was certainly not a secret that he was an old queen. I have been told that he was warned about his behaviour and then stopped.”
Heath was a lying toad who deliberately framed the EEC referendum in misleading terms, but his sexuality has nothing to do with it and to talk about it like that is contemptible.

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