Saturday, April 07, 2007

On the other hand...

An armoured column of 250 Royal Marines smashed into Sangeen yesterday down the main road from the north, driving off Taliban fighters who had been attacking a small British "platoon house".

Such was the ferocity of the operation that the rebels were taken completely by surprise and, despite mounting a weak counter-attack, could not stop the Marines linking up with American troops from the 82nd Airborne Division from the south.
Intelligence had suggested that there were up to 350 Taliban in the area with advanced munitions, such as Soviet grenade launchers. There was also a warning of reinforcement by 120 fighters from the north. The Marines were told the plan required "a high level of aggression".

"This is one ballsy shout from the CO, to go up the highway and start smashing heads together," said Sgt Richard St Louis, warning his men that 16 suicide bombers might be in the town. "If someone comes towards you in a fire fight, he is dead."
All the Marines were veterans of many fire fights with the Taliban, and the 28 men of 7 Troop fired 17,000 rounds between them in a single day in February.
The Telegraph

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