Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not funny

This was a joke:

THE Scottish Parliament is drawing up plans for a wide-ranging ban on swear words in public places.

Concerned at the effects of passive swearing on children, MSPs are compiling a list of words and phrases that will be banned in pubs, hospitals, police stations, art galleries, farmyards and the front - but not the back - of Transit vans.
But, sadly, this isn't:
Swearing in public or being rude to shop workers should be as "unacceptable as racism", David Cameron said yesterday as he began a campaign to create a more civilised society.

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Fidothedog said...

I take it they will have a list of said offense causing sweary words and no doubt have a long and (not too) sweary debate over said words and if they can be used or not.

One can imagine the police decending on some poor soul who having dared utter the sin of the c word, has a full armed response unit decend on him.

Utter cunts the lot of them