Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nah·det Masr

I consider it an honour to have been linked to by the Egyptian blog Nah·det Masr, and I have added a reciprocal link to my blogroll. Here's the descriptive paragraph from this blog:

"Nah·det Masr" means "Egypt Renaissance" in Arabic. I am a middle aged Egyptian citizen, I work as an assistant professor at Cairo University. I also work as a consultant to many organizations in my field of expertise. I believe in a secular, democratic, and progressive state in Egypt. I will try to voice my views through this blog.
Vive la renaissance.


A Brummie said...

Yes - good luck to him.

No doubt he'll need it.

Dr. Ahmed Wagih said...

Thanks Peter, and A Brammie.

Your moral support means a lot to me and my friends who are of the same mindset.