Friday, January 12, 2007

Can Polish migration help solve N. Ireland's troubles?

The Times reports:

The force formerly known as the Royal Ulster Constabulary has been inundated by applications from young Poles desperate to become officers.
Most are Catholics. Northern Ireland is stuck right now over the problem of support of the police force by, mainly Catholic, Republicans. The force has been in a catch 22 situation, whereby few Irish Catholics join while it is mistrusted as an overwhelmingly Protestant force, but until there are enough Catholic officers this mistrust will not be overcome.

Poles don't have the baggage their Irish co-religionists carry and can join the police in Ulster with fewer qualms. But by so doing they are altering the balance of the force in a way that can only help to build trust in the Republican section of the community.

I don't think this was planned or anticipated when Poland joined the E.U. but it might just turn out to be the best consequence of our membership of that swollen and corrupt organisation.

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