Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Movement in Iran

Following on from the reports of an imminent US attack on Iran - which I tend to discount at this stage - I notice this suggestion that there is mobilisation beginning within Iran. This report is attributed to an unnamed source inside Iran:

IRGC (Islamic revolutionary guard) is moving some point defence radars, anti ships missiles, Hoot missiles, and various anti ship equiptment and missiles that are not known to public to Iranian coast lines on persian gulf and Hurmoze. Also some air and ground equipment to north, north east, West ,south west, and south East of Iran. IRGC is not going to add more defences to those three islands (Greater Tumb, lesser Tumb and Abu Mussa) because they would be the first to be pounded by US Navy and air force. US does have a plan to capture those and several naval bases...

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