Monday, January 15, 2007

Celebrating diversity

I enjoyed reading The Guardian's summary of the controversy surrounding Simone Clarke, a dancer with the English National Ballet, and her membership of the British National Party. And the article was illustrated by a photograph of the demonstration outside one of the ballet's performances.

The organisers of the demonstration have a website, with a page full of information about past and future events, which is also illustrated by photographs - like this one:

Unite Against Fascism enjoys support from a number of groups, including the NUS Black Students' Liberation Campaign! (the exclamation mark comes from their website), which also has some photographs breaking up the text. Here's an example:

Meanwhile, on a related subject, the black students’ officer for the National Union of Students (NUS), Ruqayyah Collector, spoke to Socialist Worker. Here's her picture:

She said:

A whole community is being criminalised in an attempt to make it impossible for Muslims to talk about political issues.
Which is a sobering thought. People being attacked, maybe even hounded out of their jobs, in an attempt to suppress their political views! Perhaps we should organise a demonstration?

UPDATE: This post has generated some interest

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