Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tories Scottish spinoff

Mr Eugenides has the analysis:

Scotland demonstrated in 1997, for better or worse, that it had moved on. It's time for the Tories to move on too, because the last ten years has seen stagnation at best. There are new people - good people - coming up through the ranks; perhaps a clean break is just what everyone needs, a "detox" that will allow the Tories to forge a fresh direction for themselves.

Every other party in the just-dissolved Scottish Parliament was left-wing, and you can be sure that every other party in the next one will be, too. If a new Tory Party north of the border - whatever it chooses to call itself - doesn't stand up for the individual in the face of an ever-growing state, higher and higher taxation and public expenditure, and the slow strangulation of the Scottish economy, who will?
It's a sobering thought that exactly the same question could be posed of England - which voted Tory at the last election.

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David B. Wildgoose said...

The other "clean break" we need is the breakup of the Union. It was forged as a means of common security but those times are now long gone.

It could only ever last as long as the English were prepared to support it, but after the relentless anti-English discrimination and bigotry from New Labour amidst a smirking silence from our so-called "partners" in the Union, and it's now finished.

The only question is when the split will take place, not whether a split will happen.