Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Muslim Brother defends infidel blogger

This might not be what you would expect from a member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood:

The regime was not sincerely upholding Islamist values when it sentenced Amer to prison for attacking Islam. As an Islamist, I am of course against the hate speech and the anti-Islamic sentiments Amer expressed in his blog. But I am also against his imprisonment, which I'm sure is politically motivated, merely because he harshly criticized the president.
Amer is better known as Kareem, the young Egyptian recently imprisoned for blogging.

In a democratic Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood politicians and supporters will have to coexist with others, including secularists like Kareem. It's arguable from a close reading of the MB member's article that he is trying to undermine secularism but in fact he can only have the opposite effect. The Egyptian democracy movement has some strange bedfellows, but this is to the good.

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