Thursday, April 05, 2007

Knee jerk crisis

Admirers of quiet understatement should turn at once to Fidel Castro's latest message:

In Wednesday's column, Reflections of The Commander-in-Chief, Mr Castro criticised President Bush's plan to increase the use of foodstuffs like corn for fuel to run cars.

He said Mr Bush had "declared his intention to apply this formula on a world scale, which means none other than the internationalisation of genocide".
(Emphasis added)

As J F Beck (from whom I nicked this link) points out, Communists normally admire mass murderers - Bush will have to up the work rate a bit to rival the 26 million dead in China between collectivisation and the Cultural Revolution.

But I feel most for the knee-jerk left. Castro... biofuels... Castro... biofuels... How to choose between them? Rejecting either one would be like killing a baby.

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