Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cyber terrorism

The organisation known as Internet Haganah scours the internet for jihadi websites and, usually through dialogue with service providers but always through strictly lawful means, seeks to have the sites taken down. So far, it has managed to remove 1,011 terrorism supporting and facilitating sites. Of course, this has made it a prime target for jihadis, who are not without technical expertise.

Two days ago, one of the Haganah servers was hacked and a website defaced. Fortunately, the site was restored and running properly the same day.

This was the second time their security has been penetrated, though as an operator of internet servers I can imagine the deluge of attacks they have to endure daily, even hourly. Aaron Weisburd, the founder, has also placed himself at personal risk through his work.

Weisburd is a brave and tenacious man. Haganah is a vital work. There's a donate button at his site. Consider showing some support.

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