Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Combat trained Marine officers

Here's an angry Iranian nationalist:

I thought to myself you absolute wimps! Iranian teenagers welcomed death rather than play the games of the Islamic Republic in the massacre of political prisoners in 1988. My friend Fariba Marzban, a female ex-political prisoner in the eighties endured 7 years of imprisonment including more than 400 days of solitary confinement and the horrendous torture which became known as the coffin torture, where female prisoners had to sit in a small confinement, draped in a chador, and face the wall for hours and days without uttering a word or making a movement, and Fariba still didnt give in to her captors. She was just an ordinary teenage sympathiser of a Left wing organisation at the time, caught while handing out leaflets.

Look at what Batebi has had to endure, what Fakhravar has been through, the mental pressures of "white torture" and several mock executions, and yet they did not break up like these UK marines did. In fact right on the day the British sailors were arrested, two Iranian women activists were jailed because they would not sign a submission to promise they would not engage in such activities again, and yet here we have combat trained marine officers betraying their country immediately after a few "aggressive questions" are thrown at them. Total utter wimps!

Iranian dissidents who have been forced to make TV confessions in the last 28 years have been through hell before they got to that point. Iranian journalist, Siamak Pourzand, in his 70s, put up more resistance before making a TV appearance, than these supposedly young, fit trained marine fighters . Just the sheer sight of Pourzand's weight loss made it known to everyone what he had been through.

Our heroic officers of the Shahrokhi air base, made a mockery of their live TV Kangaroo trial, and while they knew firing squads awaited all of them, they stood so tall and resolute to the mullahs that the live coverage of their so-called trial had to be suddenly cut off short by the state broadcasting.

Twenty-eight years of sheer resistance by Iranians had totally discredited the Islamic government of their staged TV confession shows. Yet here we have the UK marines restoring some credibility back to the Islamic government because they could not stand a few days of solitary confinement and a few aggressive questions! Thank you UK marines!!

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