Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Irish air meets the Ghost Riders

Hybrid vigour - the new strength that comes from mixing of blood, race, culture and music. It's the reason American music has been so important. Here's a lovely example.

I play the guitar very badly, and rarely, but among other things I like playing Appalachian flat pick tunes. Irish meets the rest of the world in the first mountains the settlers had to cross and where some of them stayed. The first hillbillys.

This isn't Appalachian, but the opening section reminds me of it, because of the strong Irish feel. Then it moves through Ghost Riders country to jazz, rock soloing (it's OK, it's still good) and back again.

Have a listen:



Anonymous said...

The boys in the mountains weren't "Irish" - they were that object of Irish race-hatred, Ulster Protestants.

Peter Risdon said...

I consider Ulster Protestants to be Irish.

Anonymous said...

You do, I do, but Irish Nationalists don't. Hey ho.

Anonymous said...

Mark you, that still leaves the hillbilly music as Scottish in origin.

Peter Risdon said...

Which, of course, means it's Irish in origin.