Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luton Hospitality

After all the photographs of Jihadis demonstrating in the streets of Britain with impunity, it's refreshing to see then enjoying the hospitality of the people of Luton yesterday.

It was right that the police protected their sorry asses, just as they used to protect the National Front's demonstrations back in the 1970s.

But the crowd also had every right to treat them like the fascist scum they are.

UPDATE: More here.


SnoopyTheGoon said...


Gregg said...

Amen too. I've just blogged along similar lines.

Wyrdtimes said...

I've been against these wars from day one and I'm still against em. Nevertheless I went to the parade when the regiment returned.

I just can't help thinking that the protesters would be happier living in another country. Most English would be a lot happier if the protester lived in another country too.

Trooper Thompson said...

Who's the fascist scum? The small group of protestors or the mob who want to kick their heads in?

Peter Risdon said...

The scumbags who want to turn the country into an Islamist hell.

Trooper Thompson said...

So you agree with mob violence, or at least the threat of it, against those who express opinions that you implacably oppose? Or else what? Am I missing something?

Peter Risdon said...

Previously, these fascist scum had felt they owned the streets with the police hustling away or arresting anyone who responded to their disgusting displays.

As my post said, I'm glad the police acted as they did in this case. The fascists were the provocation. People were duly provoked. The police removed the provocation.

All entirely right.

Fascists have a right to demonstrate, and other people have a right to react.

Trooper Thompson said...

"... other people have a right to react."

Only up to a point, surely?

The right of remonstration is but equal to the right of demonstration.

Peter Risdon said...

In fact, I've come to feel that this is only true up to a point. Some movements do not deserve equal space, because in practice they are disgusting. If a group of Nazis set up a demo in Tel Aviv calling for the extermination of all Jews, I'd expect them to have difficulty. This is comparable. Every women in the street was looking at people who want to reduce her to a chattel, make her wear a sack, treat her word as worth a fraction that of a man, and be subject to physical violence at the discretion of men.

This is not a detached political debate.

These people really are representatives of a movement that stones rape victims to death, that murders people by their thousands, that throws acid in the faces of, or beheads, schoolgirls.

They are scum, and they need to be smashed.

Trooper Thompson said...

Okay, you want to fight fire with fire. You want to fight fascism with... ?

Trooper Thompson said...

What I mean is that you are lapsing into hyperbole. If the protesters in question had been stoning a rape victim or beheading a schoolgirl, then I would most certainly hope and expect that the crowd would intervene and deliver some summary justice in the form of violence, but they weren't doing that.

Anonymous said...

Trooper Thompson: "Okay, you want to fight fire with fire. You want to fight fascism with... ?"

'We' the pre-existing population of the UK have 'invited' a group of people into the country, out of a sense of compassion, brotherhood and common humanity.

'We' now find that this group or individuals belonging to the group are attacking the our country that has given them shelter, often from persecution and bestial conditions in the country they have fled.

It is no longer an academic question: are this group a threat? It has been demonstrated on a number of occasions that they are, and are prepared to put their undoubted technological abilities to use in an attempt to kill maim and injure otherwise unconnected individuals in the host community.

So when a small band (large band) identify themselves without doubt and hurl threats of violence and murder. I am quite sanguine at the prospect of fighting fire with fire.

Much has been endured from this group, be it Arafat with his murderous rampages through the civil airline industry, or the latest manifestation of the genre, murderous rampages through the London Underground system.

It is about time fire was returned.

Anonymous said...

Whats all this crap about fascists?

Muslims demonstrated as they have every right to do.

What is lacking is my right not to have them live in my country in the first place.

Lets have the vote on whether they can stay here or any more come in.

Trooper Thompson - that group who shouted them down. What makes them fascists? Is it because they are white and have actually dimly noticed that the demo was an affront to them? It seemed pretty spontaneous - the counter demo.

Anyhow all this crap about fascists, next you lot will be on about islamo-fascism, and anti-semitism. Cobblers.

Anonymous said...

The term 'fascist' is standard lefty agitprop.

The issue here is do you ally yourself with people who seek to restrict freedom, or do you fight to extend freedom.

TT seems to have made his choice.

Note: we are discussing a specific group. Not Hindus or Jews or Mormons nor the Sikh nor the witch, none of the afore mentioned seek to impose their religious and 'moral' doctrine on others by force.