Monday, March 09, 2009

Domestic violence

I think John Band is showing considerable intellectual integrity in these two posts.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard a man stand up and condemn rape i any meaningful fashion, a singularly male against female form of violence steeped in mysoginy where the balance of power is quite badly shifted. So I wasn't surprised to read either of these posts. He misses about a dozen major league points (of which Ive posted one) and adopts the tried and tested bullshit 3 monkey 'so what' approach instead. I wasn't impressed. And this just further makes me feel modern men (yourself excluded) are a total waste of 'manly' space. Even fucking 19th century men had at least a hint of a clue, even if their clumsy approach involved patronising of a different sort. Sorry. I suppose this will help me feel less inclined to be concerned about shrill feminists, who I cannot stand, making men's lives a legal misery. Like him Ill adopt the couldn't give a shit approach!

Anonymous said...

actually I do recall one decent post on the rape element of the issue by a bloke that I found was responsible and balanced. I guess I am just not a libertarian. I dont believe in it. Maybe thats half my issue with your linked man's posts.

John B said...

Odd to see the Will Self piece being cited as excellent, when it consists of obvious platitudes with which I'm sure Peter and I - and more or less every other man participating in the debate from the 'non-rapist', or at least 'not rampantly misogynist' side of things - would all 100% agree.