Monday, March 09, 2009

Addressing the community

Interviewed on the Today Programme, Gerry Adams said, of the Sinn Fein response to the shootings of British soldiers in Northern Ireland a couple of days ago:

"We have been fairly successful in having brought the broad republican community to where we are at this moment and we have to be the best judge of how we address that community"
I think he has a point. There isn't peace in Ulster yet, but things are much better than they were. Adams has a very fine line to tread, when it comes to keeping the ultras as far onboard as possible. Sinn Fein's response and their position can't be judged yet, we need to see how it ends. But he did add that the "logic of our position" was that people should cooperate with the police in the investigation, and that is historically a significant stance for him to adopt.

I know there's a temptation to react by condemning Sinn Fein. Some conflicts can't be resolved, someone has to prevail. There's some reason to think this isn't the case in Ireland. Adam's position is consistent with this.


Anonymous said...

Adams could presumably have the murderers murdered tomorrow. Should he?

Peter Risdon said...

Yes he could, and I have a feeling that has happened in the past.

No, he shouldn't. He needs to continue to move towards the rule of law. He's not there yet.