Saturday, December 20, 2008

Break it to her gently

We have seen elementary policing progress from the deductions of Sherlock Holmes and his dear sidekick right through to the forensic use of the discoveries of Francis Crick and Dr Watson’s namesake. These developments have brought opportunities and challenges in their wake," [Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith] said.
Would it be cruel to tell her that Sherlock Holmes wasn't real?


Anonymous said...

Nor was he a policeman. But never mind that sort of trifling detail; ask instead who the hell got paid for writing her speech and ended up composing a sentence as bad as that. His dear fucking sidekick? Dr Watson's bloody namesake? Elementary ruddy policing? The plural discoveries of C and W? Opportunities and challenges? In their wake? Was the speech writer taking the piss? Or drunk? Or coming down with the flu?

Anonymous said...

Stupid Cow