Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jewish conspiracy update

Zombietime has posted a transcript and audio recording from a recent radio broadcast in Berkeley, California. On KFPA's "Hard Knock Radio", Hunter College Professor Marimba Ani, whose racial politics amount almost to a separatist programme, was interviewed. She said:

…Who did the financing? … They had a long history, in Chicago. Which brings me to the next warning, the next what I see as implication of this, and that is the Jewish connection, which must be understood. Because we fought that in the Civil Rights movement. And I was a part of the Southern student movement in Mississippi and all the time we had to fight for control of our own movement. Now what has happened is that he has allowed that control to come into play. Because he was picked and chosen, and I could give you the list of names. I don’t have time to now, but you’re gonna have to find these things out. You’re gonna have to now get on the Net, read things. Think, don’t just listen to rhetoric about how wonderful it is to have these beautiful people there. See where they came from. See what they represent.
It's even worse when you listen to it (mp3) and hear the stress placed on the word "Jewish". The second "..." in the transcript above is just a pause in her speech. She means that Obama was financed by Jews.

She also avoids anything clumsily defamatory, like the names of these Jewish financiers and puppetmasters, by directing people to read about this for themselves on the web.

Imagine the search phrases they'll be entering. "Jewish... finance... political... control..."

And imagine the results they'll get from such searches.

As Zombie comments, the idea that there was a Jewish attempt to subvert the civil rights movement is a staple of anti-semitism. Google it if you want - I decline to link directly, but there are threads about this at sites like Stormfront and JewWatch.

KFPA's Mission is:
* To promote cultural diversity and pluralistic community expression
* To contribute to a lasting understanding between individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors
* To promote freedom of the press and serve as a forum for various viewpoints
* To maintain an independent funding base
Marimba Ani spells "Afrika" with a "k", which has a weird overtone, really, and thinks that Hurricane Katrina was a:
blatant [act] of genocide... in which thousands of our people were slaughtered, left to die, placed in disease-producing holding pens, forcibly relocated, separated from their families and support-systems, and their (our) children “lost”, all this for the purpose of corporate profit and for the illegal misappropriation of land.
It's a frightening world, in which hidden Jewish financiers secretly control the next President of the United States, who will have the power to cause genocidal hurricanes.

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Should we expect Hurricane Madoff next year?